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Teamwork for Tam

Parent volunteers are elected to serve two-year terms. The board meets monthly during the school year. Members support the annual giving campaign (AGC,) grants evaluation, and communications. There is an opportunity for every parent to get involved, and we welcome and value ALL perspectives and experiences. New members are recruited each spring.

Tam High Foundation Board 2022-2023

Our members come from a variety of backgrounds. Hover over each image to learn more about them and and why they joined the board.

Screen Shot 2022-09-07 at 12.43.38 PM.png

I have been part of the Tam family for 9 years, with two graduated boys and now a sophomore daughter. It is an honor to serve the Foundation as the ED and collaborate with the incredible staff at Tam to create an extraordinary high school experience.

Executive Director

Elaine Wilkinson
Sally Low.jpg

I have a junior and sophomore at Tam. I was an engineer working on submarine torpedoes before getting my MBA and starting a family! I joined the board to learn how it supports students. It has only taken me two years to learn where all the buildings are!


Sally Low
Iona Scobie_edited_edited.jpg

I have a 10th grader at Tam and split my time between working for a local community start up and coaching field hockey. I love being part of the Foundation team. It's given me a real insight into the fantastic work the school does to support all of our students.

Communications Chair

Iona Scobie
Phil Rossington_edited_edited.jpg

My wife, Maeve, and I have two sons at Tam and MVMS. A native New Yorker, I graduated from Cornell University and opened my own architecture firm in 1999. An active volunteer with schools and youth sports, I am thrilled to help the Foundation make a positive impact.

Bricks Chair

Phil Rossington
Jack Bailey.JPG

I have a sophomore at TAM and am director of marketing for digital wealth and fintech at Franklin Templeton. I joined the Tam High Foundation to stay connected to my daughter’s high school experience.

AGC Member

Jack Bailey
Debbie Porzio_edited.jpg

I have a 9th grader at Tam High and an 8th grader at MVMS. I was a leader at Athleta Inc. and  recently retired. I wanted to serve on the Foundation board because I was looking to give back to the community while staying connected to my teens, especially after the pandemic.  

AGC Member

Debbie Porzio
Milly Skiles.jpg

I have a freshman and a junior at Tam and a Jacky Boy at Edna. I am a content writer who started my career as a scrappy beat reporter on the streets of San Francisco. I joined the Foundation because I want to know what's going on! 

AGC Member

Millicent Skiles
Susan Boyle.jpg

I have a junior at Tam as well as a graduate. I am passionate about utilizing professional skills to support our public schools. Prior to family relocation from Scotland, I spent 17 years in technology and operations in investment banking. 


Susan Boyle
Tuyen Bonneau.jpeg

I am a proud Tam High graduate (class of ‘91) and have an 11th grader and a graduate. A former teacher, I joined the board to support equity among students. I also want to ensure classrooms have the funding needed to enrich the school experience.

AGC Co-Chair

Tuyen Bonneau
Laura Spence.jpeg

I’ve been on the board since 2018, holding various positions. I have two boys, Jack (class of 2022) and Sammy (class of 2025). My background is in both elementary and adult learning, so volunteering and giving back to the education field is one of my passions.

Grants Co-Chair

Laura Spence
Duncan King 2_edited.jpg

I have a junior and a freshman at Tam. I am a communications consultant during the day and really appreciate getting to know about all the opportunities Tam makes available to our children.


Duncan King
Todd Moutafian.JPG

My wife, Ruthie, and I have two boys, a junior and senior at Tam. Working with the Foundation allows me to give back to the school and stay connected to the youthful and positive vibe of the Tam High community.

AGC Member

Todd Moutafian
Jackie Pierce.jpeg

Raised in Marin, I have a sophomore at Tam High. I am excited to join the Foundation board to help advocate for its values and raise money for programs that deliver equitable opportunities for all students. 

AGC Member

Jackie Pierce
Liz Harrell2.jpeg

I have a Tam freshman, senior, and class of 2022 graduate. My background is in strategic marketing and communications planning. I joined the Foundation to ensure our parents and community know about the great work this organization does.

Vice Chair

Liz Harrell
Joan Hottenstein_edited.jpg

I have a Tam freshman and a senior (who is also taking classes at Tamiscal/COM.) After many years in book publishing and fine stationery sales, I enjoy volunteering in the community and look forward to this new adventure as a Foundation board member.

AGC Co-Chair

Joan Hottenstein

I've been on the board since  2019. I previously served as VP of student services at MVMS and VP of supportive education at a Seattle school. I am passionate about public education and apply my fundraising skills to support my community.

Grants Co-Chair

Rachel Howard Hines
Stephanie Cuccaro_Alamin_edited_edited_e

I am the proud parent of two Tam graduates and a current senior. I am a research specialist at UC Berkeley’s California Child Welfare Research Project and a researcher at the Children’s Data Network at USC. 


Stephanie Cuccaro Alamin
Becky Cover.jpeg

I have a 10th grader at Tam and an 8th grader at MVMS. I was a teacher at Tam Valley for 11 years and continue to work as a K-8 educator in Mill Valley. I enjoy serving on the THF Board because it is an opportunity to support our school community.

AGC Member

Becky Cover
Kirsten Kennel.jpg

Neighbors of Tam High since 2005, I have a junior and an 8th grader. My background is in engineering, management consulting, and technology sales. Serving on Safe Routes to School Tam High taught me how much the community can accomplish together.

AGC Member

Kirsten Kennel
Nancy Felder_edited_edited_edited_edited

I have a Tam junior and two graduates. I was in the banking industry for 15 years and now thoroughly enjoy being a reading and math specialist at Old Mill School. Serving on the Foundation  gives me insight and a say into how parent donations are utilized.


Nancy Felder
Kendra Pollack.jpg

I have been a community member for the past 14 years and have enjoyed all of it. I have had the privilege of watching from the front row what our amazing administrators, teachers, and crew do to make Tam High the amazing school that it is.

AGC Co-Chair

Kendra Pollack
Lisa Barnes.jpeg

This is my fourth year on the Foundation board. I have a 2022 graduate and a junior at Tam. I joined the Board because I was impressed by the commitment to support all students throughout their Tam journey, whether through the arts, academics or wellbeing. 

Grants Evaluator Chair

Lisa Barnes
Louise Armour.jpg

Coming soon!

AGC Member

Louise Armour
Lorena Espino.jpeg

I’m a proud mom of my 9th and 11th grade kids at Tam. Professionally, I work in strategy, marketing, and analytics. I’m thankful for the amazing programs the  Foundation supports and honored to be on the team.

AGC Member

Lorena Espino
Ashley Sternfels.jpeg

I have three children. Two are Tam graduates, and my youngest is a sophomore. The Foundation is instrumental to the success of Tam High, and it’s an honor to be a part of it. 

AGC Member

Ashley Sternfels

Tam High Foundation Advisory Board

Representatives provide guidance, insight, and knowledge from across the campus. They are non-voting members and work in close partnership with the executive board.

JC Farr.jpg

This is my 7th year as principal at Tam High. I enjoy working with the Foundation because it provides unique educational experiences for our students. Through THF, we can innovate and create meaningful learning opportunities that extend beyond the regular curriculum.


JC Farr
Lisa Holtz.jpg

I have a junior at Tam and have volunteered with Mill Valley schools since he was in kindergarten. Currently retired, I worked in accounting for almost 30 years. I’m honored to join the Foundation board and support our students.



Lisa Holtz
Charlie Garfink.jpg

I am a history teacher at Tam. I truly value the work the Foundation does, which completely updated my classroom furniture. I want to encourage all of my colleagues to take advantage of their generous help.

Teacher Rep

Charlie Garfink
Ashley Sternfels.jpeg

I have three children. Two are Tam graduates, and my youngest is a sophomore. The Foundation is instrumental to the success of Tam High, and it’s an honor to be a part of it. 

Tam Boosters

Ashley Sternfels
Ben Cleaveland (1).jpg

I love working with the Foundation because it celebrates and values student and teacher innovation. I've attended meetings for 23 years, and I still marvel at the board's creative problem solving, dedication, and knowledge.

Teacher Rep/CTE

Ben Cleaveland
Kirsten Edwards.jpeg

I have a sophomore son at Tam. After 20+ years working in finance, both at investment banks and later as a CFO of an education services company, I am thrilled to be supporting the Tam community by serving on the THF advisory board.  

Audit Chair/PTSA

Kirsten Edwards
Ahtossa Fullerton_edited.jpg

I have a Tam senior, sophomore

and graduate. I joined the THUMB and Foundation boards because they serve incredibly important functions at Tam. Professionally, I am a practicing juvenile dependency attorney.


Ahtossa Fullerton
Elya Schwartzman.jpg

I am an entrepreneur and a leader in fixed-income portfolio management.  My wife, Susan, and I have been active school volunteers since moving from Boston in 2010. I have a senior at Tam as well as two graduates.

Investment Chair

Elya Schwartzman
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