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tam high united music boosters

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who we are

THUMB is a parent-run organization whose mission is to encourage, promote, and assist instrumental and choral music activity at Tam High.


Since 2021, Tam High Foundation has coordinated fundraising efforts on behalf of THUMB and the Tam High Music Department. Your donation to Tam High Foundation pays for instruments, guests artists, technology, and more.

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what we do

We coordinate volunteer activities for parents to support the event and performance schedules of Tam High’s Music Department students.


Essentially, we’re the roadies and managers for Tam High’s jazz and guitar/percussion bands, orchestra, choir, and music technology class. 

how to get involved

We encourage ALL parents of Tam High music students to lend a hand to support our kids. We welcome all talents

why give?

Each year, the Tam High Foundation funds new instruments, guest teachers, and field trips for all music students. Director Spiro Tsingaris talks about how a Foundation grant built a professional recording studio at school and launched a popular music tech class. 



Co-president: Diane Brockob,

Co-president: Ahtossa Fullerton

Secretary: Amanda Brown

Treasurer: David Lawrence

Teacher Representative: Spiro Tsingaris,

Music Program Assistant: TBD

Concert Concessions: TBD

Donor Database: TBD

Valentine Concert / Exception: TBD

The THUMB board meets monthly, as needed, in Tam's music room.


Music Department


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