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Patrons of the ARts at Tam High


who we are

PATH is a parent-run committee that provides field trip volunteers, supplies, workbooks, tools, and other support to the Tam High Visual Arts program.

Since 2021, Tam High Foundation has coordinated fundraising efforts on behalf of PATH and the Visual Arts Department. Your donation to Tam High Foundation pays for guest artists, live models, digital cameras, tools, and supplies. 

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Our Mission

We want our art students to have a real-world arts education that connects them to the artistic community and provides meaningful learning experiences.


Tam offers a four-year sequential program beginning with Art Exploration and followed by Drawing & Painting, Photography, Graphic Arts or Ceramics. Honors and AP classes are provided in all disciplines.

how to get involved

We encourage ALL parents of Tam High visual arts students to lend a hand to support our kids.

News & events

Tam High art students traveled to Japan in spring of 2024 as part of a Global Studies program



President: Lisa Holtz,

Vic President: Open

Treasurer: Lisette Lehman

Communications: Traci Shiro

Secretary: Open

Teachers: Zach Gilmour, Mary Krawczyk, Emma Keenan-Grice, Gray Douglas


Visual Arts Department

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