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Donor List

Thank you for your support!

Not sure if you donated? Look for your name below to see if you've made your annual contribution. Families with multiple last names will be listed alphabetically.

Donor list is current as of Sep. 23, 2023. 

A - C

Adkins and Ruffalo Family

Al-Alami and Hunter Family

Amour Family

Angelo and Reed Family

Apple and Cohen Family

Arboit Family

Baker Family

Barringer Family

Barnes Family

Bartlett Family

Baum and Brodsley Family

Beccaris and Burtle Family

Becker Family

Belger Family

Berkovitch and Kirley Family

Berg Family

Bernstein-Lawler Family

Bernstein and Taichman Family

Breiten and Horstmeyer Family

Beyer Family

Bindeman Family

Bloch and Neal Family

Blount Family

Blumberg and Patten Family

Blumhardt Family

Bonneau Family

Borrone and Reis Family

Boyle Family

Bowman Family

Bragar and Rossen Family

Brat Family

Bray Family

Broad Family

Brown Family

Bues Family

Burton Family

Calabrese & Younger Family

Cann Family

Carder Family

Carpinito and Scharrer Family

Carvalho and Nicita Family

Cesar Family

Chamie and Kussmaul Famlily

Chhabra Family

Chiong and Mitrevski Family

Christopher Family

Cleaveland-Knowles Family

Clem Family

Cohen and Heller Family

Cole Family

Concannon Family

Conklin Family

Constant Family

Cortis Family

Cover Family

Crawford and Maybury Family

Creath Family

Curtis Family

I - N

Ismailer Family

Johnson Family

Johnston Family

Jones Family

Kaplan Family

Kay Family

Kayser and Myers Family

Keane Family

Kelsey Family

Kerr Family

King Family

Kneafsy Family

Kunz and Mirocha Family

Kwon and Weinberg Family

Laan and Sigurdsson Family

Latimer Family

Lawson Family

Leard and Mautzy Family

Leary Family

Lehman Family

Lenehan and Putt Family

Levin Family

Levinson Family

Lichtblau Family

Lieden and Wimmer Family

Lin-Hurtubise Family

Lipsitz and Nordstrom Family

Liszewski Family

Livesey Family

Lowell Family

Lyons Family

Madland Family

Maier Family

Mani Family

Maxwell Family

McGuiness Family

McKinley Family

McNicol and Miller Family

Merlin and Morin Family

Miller Family

Miller and Peltz Family

Minichiello and Weis Family

Moore Family

Moser and Murphy Family

Moutafian Family

Mueller and Zirkle Family

Murphy and Yutan Family

Murray Family

Neal Family

Neil and Kate Chhabra

Nieker and Siadek Family

Norris Family

Norwood Family

Business Donors

Bahn Mi Zon

Engineering 350

Juice Girl

Local Kitchens

Mill Valley Music Festival

Mill Valley Recreation

Mill Valley Rotary Club

OXB Studio

Pacific Preparatory


Rise Up to Change

Rocco's Pizza

Rooted MV

Rossington Architecture


Sage Educators

Schools Rule

Sloat Garden Center

Tam Meal Deals program

Tutor Doctor

Vitality Bowls

Watershed Restaurant

D - H

Dahlman Family

Dann Family

Dauphinais Family

Davis and O'Connor Family

Dean Family

Delerm Family

Derich and Kellman Family

Derich Family

Dick and Perry Family

Donaldson Family

Donohue Family

Donovan Family

Dries Family

Dunn Family

Duryea Family

Ebbert and Holden Family

Eberhardt Family

Edwards Family

Ehrensaft Family

Elliott Family

Emera and Meleis Family

Emison Family

Evans Family

Fiek Family

Fierstein Family

Figueirinhas Family

Fillat and Keeffe Family

Flint Family

Forbest Family

Fort Family

Foskett Family

Frank and Fredericks Family

Freeland and Jefferson Family

Friedman-Lowenthal Family

Fulton Family

Gadd and Olesen Family

Gardner Family

Garrett Family

Gillespie Family

Gillmore Family

Goddard and Nakatini Family

Goldberg Family

Goodman Family

Gordon Family

Graham Family

Grasser Family

Graveline Family

Gustavson and Nguyen Family

Hackett and Ingram Family

Hamblett Family

Harrell Family

Harris Family

Hatch Family

Hekemian Family

Herman and Holtz Family

Hexamer Family

Hindley Family

Hirner Family

Hochschild Family

Hoinacki and Moriaty Family

Hori and Sun Family

Howard Family

Hsu and Smith Family

Hudson and Shimko Family

O - Z

Olson and Osborne Family

O'Kane and Poder Family

Palmer Family

Patten Family

Pearson Family

Perlson and Watkins Family

Pierce Family

Pingel Family

Pletcher Family

Pollack and Tremp Family

Porter Family

Powell Family

Pringle Family

Purchase Family

Ray Family

Razon Family

Read Family

Reinhard Family

Richardson Family

Richter Family

Rossington Family

Safavi Family

Safrit Family

Scalisi Family

Schaffer Family

Scheer Family

Scholz Family

Schoner Family

Scobie Family

Searson Family

Seeley Family

Selph Family

Shapiro Family

Sharei and Spallas Family

Shearman Family

Shlain Family

Shore Family

Shumway Family

Silver and Yolles Family

Simpson Family

Skiles Family

Slavin Family

Sloan Family

Slowik Family

Smit and Tibbs Family

Smith (Caitlin and Jed) Family

Smith (Laney and Gregory) Family

Song Family

Soppitt Family

Sparks Family

Steinhofer Family

Steinman Family

Stephenson Family

Sternfels Family

Stevenson Family

Stoll Family

Tokarski Family

Ulvestad Family

Van Horne Family

Walker Family

Weber Family

Weisberg Family

Westbrook Family

Wiig Family

Wolly Family

Wyss Family

Young Family

Donor list is current as of Sep. 23, 2023. 
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